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Lasers, Hypospadias, Blogs – PediaCast 150

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Fragile X Treatment
Vitamin A Fortified Corn
Mental Number Lines
Handheld Laser Pointers
Basketball-Related Head Injuries
Children’s Exposure to Sex in the Media
Around The Net (Great pediatric & parenting sites and blogs)


Widely Prescribed Antibiotic Reported By Parents To Be Effective For Fragile X Treatment
A Good Source Of Vitamin A: Corn Bred To Contain Beta-Carotene
"Mental Number Line" Affects A Child's Memory For Numbers
Handheld Laser Pointer "Toys" Can Cause Serious Eye Injury
AAP Issues Recommendations To Curb Children's Exposure To […]

Sleep, Sleep, Sleep — Awake! – PediaCast 149

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Fluoride in Drinking Water
Teenage Marijuana Use
Sleep Duration and Obesity
Back to School and Eating Disorders
Young Athletes and Concussions

Listener Segment

Benzoyl Peroxide and Breastfeeding
Crossed Eyes (Strabismus)
Continuity of Pediatric Care
Tummy Sleep
Babies Rocking While Sleeping

Research Round-Up

Low Back Pain in Adolescents
Outcome of Adenotonsillectomy on Obstructive Sleep Apnea
Insufficient Sleep Among High School Students