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PediaCast 167 * Social Media

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Podcast: Download   Topics Social Media Potty Chairs ​Guest Kelli Nowinsky Social Media "Guru" Nationwide Children's ​Links Nationwide Children's Web Site Nationwide Children's on Facebook Nationwide Children's on Twitter

PediaCast 166 * Von Willebrand Disease

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Podcast: Download   Topics Von Willebrand Disease Guest Dr Sarah O'Brien Pediatric Hematologist Nationwide Children's ​Link Von Willebrand Disease Information Page

PediaCast 165 * ADHD and Diet, Texting and Driving

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Podcast: Download   Topics ADHD and Diet Texting and Driving Safe Gas Cans Links Effects of a restricted elimination diet on the behavior of children with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder The choice to text and drive in younger drivers: behavior may […]

PediaCast 164 * Acne, Asperger Syndrome, Nail Biting

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Podcast: Download   Topics Acne Asperger Syndrome Nail Biting Ohio Family Vacation Spots Links The Online Asperger Syndrome Information and Support Center (OASIS @ MAAP) Dr Mike Endorsed Ohio Family Vacation Spots Cedar Point King's Island The Beach Water Park […]

PediaCast 163 * Snap Crackle Pop

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Podcast: Download Listen as Dr. Mike explores the connection between Gerber Good Start and Eczema, news about energy and sports drinks, health benefits and problems associated with video games, text message medicine reminders, snap, crackle, and pop, and the decade's top […]