About PediaCast

Parents have questions. PediaCast has answers.

Each episode of our award-winning audio program provides trustworthy, detailed and up-to-date answers to your questions.

How do we do it? We start by combing the latest peer-reviewed journals. We find current evidence-based answers. Then we work a little translation magic, turning scientist-talk into parent-talk. The result is an entertaining listen that’s not elementary.

Of course, your child's pediatrician is the best source for specific questions regarding your child's health. We believe in keeping the practice of medicine in the examination room. But we also know parents have many questions that don't get answered.

Why do kids get so many ear infections? Is a fever dangerous? When should tonsils come out? Many parents think about these questions AFTER leaving the doctor's office. Others remember to ask, but get the short answer instead of details.

Enter PediaCast, a supplemental source you can trust. We'll also provide a healthy dose of news parents can use and lively interviews with the top-ranked pediatric specialists at Nationwide Children's Hospital.

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