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  • Asthma & Mobile Technology II – PediaCast 295 - Podcast: Download Dr David Stukus and Dr Nabeel Farooqui join Dr Mike in the PediaCast Studio to talk about asthma and mobile technology. In addition to the cause, diagnosis and treatment of asthma, we’ll discuss how mobile app technology is […]
  • Vending Machines, Video Games, Schoolyards – PediaCast 294 - Podcast: Download Join Dr Mike in the PediaCast Studio for more news parents can use. Topics include premature babies & brain growth, healthy snacks & vending machines, video games – good news & bad news, schoolyards & stress relief… and […]
  • Milk, Pregnancy Spacing, Psoriasis – PediaCast 293 - Podcast: Download Join Dr Mike in the PediaCast Studio for more Answers to Listener Questions! This week’s topics include milk consumption (which type and how much?), pregnancy spacing, immunizations (how many are too many?), and guttate psoriasis. Topics Milk Consumption […]