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Managing Holiday Stress – PediaCast 505

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https://traffic.libsyn.com/pediacast/pediacast_505.mp3Podcast: DownloadSubscribe: Android | RSSShow Notes Description The holidays are fast approaching. They are a favorite time of year for many but they can also bring feelings of anxiety, sadness and loneliness. Dr Jessica Bailey visits the studio as we […]

Helping Kids and Teens through the School Year – PediaCast 499

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https://traffic.libsyn.com/pediacast/pediacast_499.mp3Podcast: DownloadSubscribe: Android | RSSShow Notes Description Dr Parker Huston visits the studio as we consider the new school year’s impact on mental health. In a normal year, anxiety is common when classes resume. Add in a pandemic, and things […]

Postpartum Depression… in Dads! – PediaCast 493

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https://traffic.libsyn.com/pediacast/pediacast_493.mp3Podcast: DownloadSubscribe: Android | RSSShow Notes Description Dr David Levine visits the PediaCast studio as we consider postpartum depression… in dads! Depression and anxiety are common among new fathers but these conditions are often overlooked, which can impact the entire […]

Anxiety, Night Terrors, Stick Out Your Tongue – PediaCast 468

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https://traffic.libsyn.com/pediacast/pediacast_468.mp3Podcast: DownloadSubscribe: Android | RSSShow Notes Description We have a “news parents can use” edition of PediaCast for you this week as we explore childhood anxiety, night terrors and kids who stick out their tongue. We hope you can join […]

Anxiety in Children and Teenagers – PediaCast 432

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https://traffic.libsyn.com/pediacast/pediacast_432.mp3Podcast: DownloadSubscribe: Android | RSSShow Notes Description Dr Anna Kerlek visits the studio as we consider anxiety in children and teenagers. Anxiety is the most common mental health condition in the pediatric population, affecting every age from toddlers to teens. […]

Back to School: Audience Q&A – PediaCast 414

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https://traffic.libsyn.com/pediacast/pediacast_414.mp3Podcast: DownloadSubscribe: Android | RSSShow Notes Description 10TV’s Tracy Townsend and Dr Mike entertain back-to-school questions from our Facebook Live audience. Topics include sleep hygiene, breakfast and school lunches, after school activities, immunizations, vision and hearing problems, illness prevention, energy […]

Anxiety, HSP, Heart Murmurs – PediaCast 234

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https://traffic.libsyn.com/pediacast/pediacast_234.mp3Podcast: DownloadSubscribe: Android | RSSIt’s time for another news and listener episode! Join Dr Mike in the PediaCast Studio for the latest news on anxious kids, ADHD medications, heart problems, and new small baby guidelines from Nationwide Children’s. We’ll also […]

Meagan Church, She-Devil, Anxiety – PediaCast 131

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https://media.libsyn.com/media/pediacast/pediacast_131.mp3Podcast: DownloadSubscribe: Android | RSSTopics Breast Milk Flavoring Are Cell Phones Dangerous To Your Health? Meagan Church Discusses Her New Book: Unique As Pete 16 month-old "She Devil" 7 year-old with anxiety Acne in an 11 year-old Links Diet Influences […]