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Recent Episodes

  • Social Determinants of Health – PediaCast 548 - Show Notes Description Our Plain Language Panel visits the studio as we consider social determinants of health. Food, housing, safe neighborhoods and quality education impact child development, health and wellness. We explore these relationships and share ideas for rallying around […]
  • Pediatric Preventive Cardiology – PediaCast 547 - Show Notes Description Dr Andrew Tran visits the studio as we explore pediatric preventive cardiology. Heart disease is the leading cause of death in U.S. adults, but the process that leads to heart attacks and strokes begins in childhood. By […]
  • Cannabis Edibles and Young Children: A Dangerous Combination! – PediaCast 546 - Show Notes Description Dr Christopher Gaw and Dr David Kling visit the studio as we explore the dangers of cannabis edibles in young children. THC-infused gummies, brownies and cookies are widely available… and severe toxicity can result from ingesting just […]
  • Common Skin Conditions in Athletes – PediaCast 545 - Show Notes Description Dr Reno Ravindran and Eric Leighton visit the studio as we consider common skin conditions in student athletes. Learn the cause, symptoms, treatment, prevention and return-to-play guidelines for ringworm, impetigo, MRSA, molluscum… and more! Topics Skin Conditions […]
  • Vaginal Birth Defects and Buccal Mucosa Vaginoplasty – PediaCast 544 - Show Notes Description Dr Linda Baker visits the studio as we consider birth defects of the vagina… and the buccal mucosa vaginoplasty. Around 1 in 4,000 girls experience these birth defects, and using tissue from inside the mouth is less […]