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Sports Nutrition for Student Athletes – PediaCast 555

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Show Notes Description This week we consider sports nutrition for student athletes as guest host, Alycia Kingcade, chats with Sakiko Minagawa and Dr Tom Pommering. Discover the importance of food as fuel and energy availability. We also explore dietary supplements, […]

Common Skin Conditions in Athletes – PediaCast 545

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Show Notes Description Dr Reno Ravindran and Eric Leighton visit the studio as we consider common skin conditions in student athletes. Learn the cause, symptoms, treatment, prevention and return-to-play guidelines for ringworm, impetigo, MRSA, molluscum… and more! Topics Skin Conditions […]

Strength and Conditioning Programs for Student Athletes – PediaCast 539

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Show Notes Description Jesse Padgett and Anthony Bartko visit the studio as we consider strength and conditioning programs for student athletes. Summer is the perfect time to stay in shape and prepare for fall sports. We share tips for safe […]

Sudden Cardiac Death in Student Athletes – PediaCast 535

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Show Notes Description Dr Tom Pommering and Todd Peterson visit the studio as we consider sudden cardiac death in student athletes. These events are rare, but devastating… and the difference between life and death depends on the quick actions of […]

Concussion Recovery and Return to Play – PediaCast 501

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Show Notes Description Just in time for the fall sports season, Dr Steven Cuff and Ashley Davidson visit the studio for a chat on concussion recovery and return to play. We explore symptoms, diagnosis and treatment… and guidelines for returning […]

Poison Ivy and Summer Conditioning – PediaCast 466

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Show Notes Description Sports Medicine experts, Dr Jim MacDonald and Kirk Sabalka, visit the studio as we consider student athletes and summer conditioning in the age of COVID. It’s also time for our yearly reminder on itchy rashes caused by […]

Physical Fitness During a Pandemic – PediaCast 459

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Show Notes  Description  Physical activity and exercise are important, even during a pandemic. Our sports medicine team visits as we explore family activities, physical fitness, sports conditioning and connecting with coaches, athletic trainers and teammates… while staying home. We hope […]

Sports Physicals – PediaCast 424

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Show Notes Description Dr Jim MacDonald and Dr Peter Kriz visit the PediaCast Studio as we consider the pre-participation sports physical. What makes this visit different than a well-child exam? What are the important components and where should the exam […]

The Sports Medicine Team – PediaCast 332

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Show Notes Description Guest Host Dr Eric Bowman joins Dr Mike, along with Dr James MacDonald and Athletic Trainer Gail Swisher. Our topic this week is the Sports Medicine Team. Who are the folks who care for your kids on the […]

Back Pain in Student Athletes – PediaCast 316

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Show Notes DESCRIPTION Welcome to a special sports medicine edition of PediaCast! Dr Eric Bowman joins Dr Mike as Co-Host, along with guests Dr Emily Stuart and Dr Kimberly Wolf. Together they discuss back pain and its effect on student […]