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Infant Formula, Asthma, and Infant Sleep – PediaCast 029

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(right-click to download) Topics RotaTeq vaccine and bowel obstruction Preparing infant formula with water Asthma questions Infant sleep comments Fluoride: When is it too much of a good thing? Everything you wanted to know about BirdHouse Studio Links Baby Time […]

Sippy Cups, Cavities, and Motion Sickness – PediaCast 028

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(right-click to download) Topics Sippy Cups and Cavities Autism Prevalence In-Toeing of the feet Motion Sickness Hemochromatosis Speech Therapy Consequences of Teenage Sex Exposure to Online Pornography Links Mouse Matters CDC – Act Early CDC – Autism Motion Sickness Hemochromatosis […]

Potty Training, Breast Feeding, and Cold Mediaction – PediaCast 027

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(right-click to download) Topics Changes in the immunization schedule Infant deaths associated with cough and cold medication Growth and feeding in a 10 month-old Potty training Allergy to cold air! Breast and bottle feeding   Links Redboy Podcast Manic Mommies […]