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Vitamin D, Cigars, Mozart – PediaCast 198

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Podcast: Download Join Dr Mike as he covers news parents can use and adds three scientific studies to our research round-up. Topics this week include Vitamin D and its link to depression, dissolvable tobacco and nicotine (bad!), flavored cigars (also […]

Bug Spray, Power Lines, Potty Training – PediaCast 176

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Podcast: Download   Topics Food Mascots Bug Spray Hormones in Milk Electromagnetic Radiation Gastroesophageal Reflux Potty Training

PediaCast 163 * Snap Crackle Pop

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Podcast: Download Listen as Dr. Mike explores the connection between Gerber Good Start and Eczema, news about energy and sports drinks, health benefits and problems associated with video games, text message medicine reminders, snap, crackle, and pop, and the decade's top […]