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Summer Poison – PediaCast 497

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Show Notes Description Dr Ally Funk visits the studio as we consider summer poison. Washing the car, gardening, pool maintenance, backyard barbeques and a hike in the woods all pose danger for young kids. We explore the possibilities and share […]

Holiday Hazards – PediaCast 479

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Show Notes Description Dr Alexandra Funk, director of the Central Ohio Poison Center, visits the studio as we consider holiday hazards. We identify common dangers in the home and share tips for keeping kids and families safe throughout the season. […]

Safety of Over-The-Counter Medications – PediaCast 223

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Dr Marcel Casavant and Dr Cheryl Laubacher join Dr Mike in the PediaCast Studio for a discussion of over-the-counter medications. We’ll follow the life of a drug as it progresses from Rx to OTC and we’ll take a look at […]

Colic, Underage Drinking, Mercury Exposure – PediaCast 202

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We have lots of great information coming your way today! Topics include recalls of Infant Tylenol and Tumblekins, colic and its possible relationship to migraines and nicotine, lingering symptoms of concussion, underage drinking, ideas to lessen the stress of moving […]