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PECARN Prediction Rule for Pediatric Cervical Spine Injuries – PediaCast 564

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Show Notes Description Drs Julie and Jeffrey Leonard visit the studio as we consider kids and teens with traumatic neck injuries. Do they all need X-rays? Or could we develop criteria that determine who needs films and who doesn’t? This […]

Teen Suicide – PediaCast 315

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Show Notes DESCRIPTION This week, Dr Mike takes a comprehensive look at Teen Suicide. We discuss the scope of the problem, risk factors, warning signs, prevention strategies, treatment options, long-term outlook for suicidal teens and ongoing research projects aimed at […]

Pre-Hospital Emergency Care – PediaCast 209

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Dr Dan Cohen and Fire Chief Steve Shaner join Dr Mike in the PediaCast Studio to discuss pre-hospital emergency care. Over 30 million kids seek emergency care each year in the United States. If your child has an emergency… Who […]

Pox Pops, PECARN, Night Terrors – PediaCast 188

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Listen as Dr. Mike discusses pox pops, sexting, growth chart, dried cherries, night terrors, and allergies.  It’s all coming up on today’s PediaCast! Topics Pox Pops Sexting Growth Charts Dried Cherries Night Terrors Allergies Guest Melissa Metheney Lead Clinical Research […]