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Poison Ivy and Summer Conditioning – PediaCast 466

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Show Notes Description Sports Medicine experts, Dr Jim MacDonald and Kirk Sabalka, visit the studio as we consider student athletes and summer conditioning in the age of COVID. It’s also time for our yearly reminder on itchy rashes caused by […]

Sports Physicals – PediaCast 424

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Show Notes Description Dr Jim MacDonald and Dr Peter Kriz visit the PediaCast Studio as we consider the pre-participation sports physical. What makes this visit different than a well-child exam? What are the important components and where should the exam […]

Concussion, CAP4Kids, Zika Virus – PediaCast 338

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Show Notes Description Join Dr Mike in the PediaCast Studio as our sports medicine team drops in for an update on concussion. The CAP4Kids crew also stop by to fill us in on their important program, which features hundreds of […]

The Sports Medicine Team – PediaCast 332

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Show Notes Description Guest Host Dr Eric Bowman joins Dr Mike, along with Dr James MacDonald and Athletic Trainer Gail Swisher. Our topic this week is the Sports Medicine Team. Who are the folks who care for your kids on the […]

Rugby, Rowing, Dancing, Running – PediaCast 318

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Show Notes DESCRIPTION We are honored to have “Mr Sports Medicine,” Dr Lyle Micheli (from Boston Children’s), in the PediaCast Studio today. He joins Dr Mike and Dr James MacDonald for a conversation on the history of sports medicine, past […]

Leave No Child Inside, PlayScapes, Nature Camps – PediaCast 254

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Dr James MacDonald and Jenny Morgan join Dr Mike in the PediaCast Studio to talk about the “Leave No Child Inside” movement. We’ll discuss the risks of staying indoors and the physical and mental benefits of children interacting with nature. […]

Physical Fitness and Resistance Training – PediaCast 212

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Dr James MacDonald and Dr Avery Faigenbaum join Dr Mike in the PediaCast Studio to discuss physical fitness and childhood resistance training. At what age should parents start encouraging physical activity? When should formal sports participation start? How much is […]