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RSV and Bronchiolitis – PediaCast 504

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Show Notes Description Dr Sabine Eid and Dr Kristin Sundy-Boyles are pediatric residents at Nationwide Children’s Hospital. They visit the studio as we consider RSV and bronchiolitis. We introduce this common virus and explore the symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and prevention […]

Croup and Bronchiolitis – PediaCast 447

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Show Notes Description Join us as we explore two respiratory illnesses circulating in the community: croup and bronchiolitis. Discover the cause, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and natural course of these common viral infections. We also consider the latest AAP Clinical Practice […]

Fantasy Play, RSV, Room Scents – PediaCast 355

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Show Notes Description We have a big show for you this week! We start with pediatric news: fantasy play & creative thinking, the effect of diet on reading skills, and the persistence of ADHD into adulthood. And then an interview […]