Fantasy Play, RSV, Room Scents – PediaCast 355

Show Notes


  • We have a big show for you this week! We start with pediatric news: fantasy play & creative thinking, the effect of diet on reading skills, and the persistence of ADHD into adulthood. And then an interview with Dr Chris Timan and the folks from the HomeCare team on RSV bronchiolitis and Synagis. We wrap up with answers to your questions on migraine headache, room scents, and congenital CMV infection. We hope you can join us!


  • Fantasy Play & Creative Thinking
  • Diet & Reading Skills
  • ADHD & Adulthood
  • Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV)
  • RSV Bronchiolitis
  • Synagis
  • Migraine Headache
  • Room Scents
  • Congenital CMV Infection



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